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reusing materials you can find in your home

Let's practice making art together using what we find in our recycle buckets! For adults and kids alike! ALL ARE WELCOME!

Bring your questions. You call it a meeting, event, session, gathering - we call it a workshop. Our workshops and longer initiatives use a framework integrating your needs with graphic facilitation, visual thinking, making art, complexity science and/or experiential education. We'll design and facilitate the kind of engaging workshop experience your participants crave.

Engage and connect with your audience through illustration or use the process of illustration to find a new perspective in a challenge.  

We'll catch the attention of your audience by highlighting the brilliance in your story for all to see and feel. 

Facilitators, managers + group leaders will love our tools. First, story stones! 

Do meetings differently. Do communication differently. Approach in a new way. Listen deeper and wider. Add drawings to your words. Make them matter.

photo of Amanda Lyons


I'm Amanda Lyons - artist, graphic facilitator, and experiential educator with a background in organization development working at the intersections of courage, creativity and productivity in traditional and non traditional work places. VISUALS for CHANGE was born in an intention to do small things differently and make big impacts - to draw while we communicate, to add movement to meetings, to create collaborations where teams further their mission, ultimately using art to create interactions that matter!

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Forget boring. We do lively AND get stuff done.

making complexity understandable with art

Connecting visually via instagram. Here's the latest:

drawing. seeing. listening. painting. wondering. changing. learning. creating. questioning. making. challenging. collaborating. & having fun!