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ART because of NATURE
an earthy art workshop series

in person, outside in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

two versions:
Thursday series FOR adult + kid team 
Sunday series FOR adults

the what

Seeing as an artist is about more than looking at something. It's about understanding edges, color, tone, depth, texture and so on. It's about deciphering, using judgement, relation and clarity. It's about making our way through a process - learning how to let the creative process itself be the best life coach, therapist, healer and friend. Mama Earth is a brilliant artist + her relationship with all of nature (even us!) is something worth observing with intention, noticing on purpose....

Well, that's how I feel about creating art, about practicing my way through the art of life. I've been practicing cultivating my seeing senses all my life. We get good at what we practice
. I'm excited to share what I've learned and continue practicing with you!

Not all art is meant to be beautiful, and beauty is everywhere.

Art helps us find deeper meaning to make sense of life.

The process of making art helps us to ask the most useful questions.

Life is an art.


Each session in the series will be different. We'll always be practicing noticing, seeing, and feeling. We'll explore nature around us.


We'll practice some specific art making techniques. Examples of our processes might include:

* drawing with ink using twigs as pens and berry inks
* drawing from life/what we notice or how we feel ex. drawing acorns or...
* creating art inspired by famous artists like Andy Goldsworthy
* making nature based mobiles
* using carved beets as stamps
* painting with natural earth pigment paints

There will be time dedicated to:

a short introduction to the week's focus/lesson,
planning/sketching/ learning,
observing and exploring nature,
starting a final piece of artwork,
and sharing what you learned gallery style with a light snack.

Follow along with that example or use the materials to create something that feels right to you. Everyone can make art! There are many ways.

Feel free to sign up for 8 weeks or for 4 weeks at a time.

the where

Outside! Wahoo! More specifically, somewhere near the ravine in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Exact location will be texted to participants.

to bring

Water for drinking! Layers for weather! Wear clothes you don't mind getting artsy with... sometimes paint and other art supplies somehow find our clothes! 

dates and times:

FOR adult + kid

as artist collaborator team

THURSDAYS from 10.30am - 12pm

8 weeks = April 14 - June 2

(Sign up for all 8 weeks or 4 weeks at a time.)

7 adults + 7 kids max.

Kids = 18 ish months +

Priority given to those who sign up ahead of time. Drop-in availability when possible.

Materials included.

$320 via venmo (or reach out for other payment)

Payment is non-refundable.

OK if you need to miss one or two. Get in touch.


*This series is designed for adults + kids. In other words, there will be some elements built for the adults and some for the kids, and lots for both. Adults are expected to participate and help guide the process when the stars align. 

FOR adults

SUNDAYS from 12 - 1.30pm

April 10 - June 5, skip May 29

Sign up for all 7 weeks or several weeks at a time.

10 adults max.

Materials included.

$320 via venmo (or reach out for other payment)

Payment is non-refundable.

OK if you need to miss one or two. Get in touch.

drawing. seeing. listening. painting. wondering. changing. learning. creating. questioning. making. challenging. collaborating. & having fun!


amanda lyons, artist + facilitator
I'm honored to guide these art endeavors. We are going to have a blast in this outdoor art adventure workshop series! I've spent years dreaming up this course in deep appreciation for Mama Earth, our amazing human bodies, the plasticity of our minds and the incredible creative process. The creative process of making art has taught me most of what I know, and I'm always astounded by the healing that can happen. 

Oh, I've also got years of experience walking and running Prospect Park, hiking with friends in lots of parks, working for outward bound, studying art, organizations,... on and on!
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