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We do meetings, workshops and initiatives differently than most we've met. There's color, fun AND productivity. We often add graphic facilitation and graphic recording to the mix. (Huh, graphic facilitation? graphic recording? Link coming soon!) We engage everyone by inviting participants to draw, make, move, and talk - in service of getting to our collective goal and getting things done along the way. Our highest priority while designing your experience is your desired outcome. 


Even our skeptical-at-first clients tell us that the visual aspect of the design invited new thinking, inspired ideas and even allowed for healthy discourse and disagreement that felt safe. 

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small group work
physical take aways!
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let's design for your organization!


Our work upholds the idea that the journey towards your intended outcome matters just as much as the outcome itself. We value your colleagues' time, energy and effort.  Customizing the journey to acknowledge your group working culture, creating safe space that acknowledges our shared humanity, and inviting creativity builds momentum for energized action, even in the most traditional work cultures.

Bringing VISUALS and other ART into spaces where it is not the normal processing tool is our specialty.

We build our specific process and timeline based on your specific needs. We start our conversations by exploring your desired outcome, the type of journey that fits best and then create a custom process and design just for you.


Sometimes it's a one time meeting with graphic facilitation or visualizing storytelling, experiential education, team building, leadership strategies, human centered design, or specific visual thinking techniques. Other times we may visualize complexity theory techniques such as Liberating Structures or social change theories such as Theory U. 

Lyons listening
Etsy offsite
visuals evoke conversation
mural close up


We often work with a co-facilitator, assistant, at least one design team liaison from your team, and sometimes bring in other specialists.


Some initiatives may take 1 or 2 workshops, while other desired outcomes might take 6 months or a year. Again, it depends on the outcome you are looking for. 

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quotes from custom workshop clients & participants

"Amanda's visual art and illustrations gave texture and power to our discussion. She helped translate complex conversations into digestible and easily sharable content"

                                                                      - Jamia Wilson

"I originally had doubts about the intellectual value of this. I was wrong. This was immersive, thorough, fun, and I'm so glad to have had this experience [with graphic facilitation]."

                                                                       - Emily Redman, UMass

"In one conversation we were able to come leaps and bounds when we were able to expand our language using drawings. The amount of progress would not have happened so quickly without the art. "

                                                                              - Anonymous

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