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Our favorite materials, books, blogs and more! *FYI: the color turquoise = links!

events + people




Experiential Learning with Horses

a workshop in Ohio

with Spirit of Leadership

(generally 2 per year)

ULab, Theory U social change course

(current one started Sept 2017)

Yes and Philly monthly-ish gatherings


Int'l Forum of Visual Practitioners yearly conference, this year with EuViz

(July 31 thru Aug 2, 2018)


Parker Palmer, profound convener

Kelvy Bird, amazing deep listener

Courtney Martin, storyteller

Maria Popova, brilliant curator


Plexus Institute, complexity group

Presencing Institute, social change group

ATD: Assoc for Talent Development

NCDD: Nat'l Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation

OD Network, organization development

________________ _____change + complexity

Leading from the Emerging Future

by C. Otto Scharmer

The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures

by Henri Lipmanowicz + Keith McCandless

________________ ___________art + business

the Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee

How to See by David Salle

Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rhode


The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer


Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton

___________________________graphic novels

Trashed by Derf Backderf


But I really wanted to be an anthropologist by Margaux Motin

EmiTown by Emi Lenox

KoKo Be Good by Jen Wang​

_______________________________blog posts

Crossroads of Should + Must 

by Elle Luna

__________________________ _brilliant books

The Woman Who Says No by Malte Herwig

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

Deep South by Paul Theroux

_______________for all your facilitation needs

Neuland markers rock!

Their Big One markers are extra thick - great for outlining + adding color quickly - my favorite marker. All Neuland markers are fabulous. They have permanent and water based as well as whiteboard markers and makers to write on black paper, different tips, many colors + most are refillable. Also, don't miss the paint markers, however I find them too loud for live graphic recording work.

the black permanent Sharpie marker

It's a classic, although these definitely smell and will give me a headache if I use them too often!

Quartet Enduraglide

If you need whiteboard markers and don't have time to order from Neuland, I'd recommend these. They have fine point markers which are a really nice size. Also, they use non-toxic, low odor ink which makes a big difference for headache prevention if you're sensitive to such things!


Mural Paper for graphic recording, facilitation or community murals

I prefer paper that's 70 or 90 lbs in weight, which comes in 48 inches x 10 yard rolls. This way I know my Neuland markers are not going to go through my paper so I don't need to waste paper setting up back up sheets AND it's not as likely to rip if anyone handles it and is not gentle. I buy mine from my local art supply store as shipping is expensive. 

Other things always in my facilitation kit are:

 o  Painter's Tape

 o  Artist's Tape (basically white painter's)

 o  scissors

 o  x-acto knife

 o  post-its

 o  blank index cards (no lines)

 o  a toy train whistle for attention getting

 o  extra large binder clips

 o  8 x 11.5 blank paper

 o  snacks like nuts + GoMacro bars 


Cutter Bee Scissors

These are the sharpest (be careful!) and best precision scissors ever! I'd highly recommend them for collage work or any cutting you do.

* Feel free to ask if you have specific questions about materials.

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