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ART it OUT! 

online art classes for adults + kids

Mondays + Thursdays

from 1 - 2.30 pm est


FREE / accepting donations

We'll find art supplies in our recycle buckets to add to any supplies you have around the house! Bring either cardboard, bottles, yogurt containers, old magazines, paper bags, or anything that seems interesting to you from your recycle bucket. Also, bring some kind of plain paper or index cards, scissors, tape, glue and either pens or markers or paints depending on what you have and what you're in the mood to play with.


What will we do?

Hello, visual  

problem solving! 

This art class will stretch our imaginations as everyone will be working with different supplies to create their own vision! 


1) First, we'll get our recyclables ready for making art by taking off labels or ....

2) Next, we'll make a sketch of our plan. (Let your thinking explode out of its normal thinking box. Imagine what your materials can be!)

3) Then it's time to dive in and make it! 

4) Finally, we'll share the story of our progress towards making our art pieces! *Depending on time we may or may not finish our pieces. You can always continue afterwards!


No prior drawing or art experience necessary. I'll share ideas and tips and tricks along the way depending on people's interests. We may have different themes from class to class as well... let's dive into the first class and see how it goes! 


We'll build our skills in noticing, in imagining, in allowing our own creativity and suspending our judgement. There may even be some engineering skills built depending on the projects we choose.

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