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trainings, courses + retreats open to the public

Our open workshops are built for people ready to get their hands dirty to learn a new skill or dive deeply into listening, noticing and reflecting. Our focus varies yet tends to touch upon at least one of the following: 

* learning visual problem solving and graphic recording,

building art skills in order to bring them into spaces not traditionally made for art like your office,

exploring complexity theory by noticing where it already exists in our lives in order to frame our thinking in a new emergent way,

introducing theory U as a framework toward social change which starts with each of us reflecting individually before stepping into collective actions,

using the experiential education cycle to truly experience our own learning

spending time in the presence of horses to build our awareness



Most workshops have 'choose your own adventure' time where you get to think/draw/write about how you will apply your learning to a project you're currently working on. We also make slight agenda shifts based on the interest and needs of participants. 


We appreciate bringing a diverse group of folks together whenever possible. People who work in different fields, grow up in different generations and come from different backgrounds tend to think differently - adding rich opportunities for learning from each other in community. Being able to ask questions of people who think differently than you expands your horizons. Also, we have scholarship spots. We want our workshops to be accessible to all. 


We love partnering with other groups and organizations, as partners and / or co-hosts, to provide collaborative open workshops. Have an idea for a workshop? Let's co-create!

GEEK OUT with us on the theories and frameworks we use behind the scenes while building our workshops! We may introduce one or two of these per workshop and will barely scratch the surface. Delving deeply would take months for most of these! 

* complexity theory

* liberating structures

* Theory U social change theory

* experiential education cycle

* organization development action plans

* self awareness and mindfulness

* human centered design

* art of hosting

* open space

* visual thinking

* design 

* art

* maker space making

* listening differently

* showing up 'wholeheartedly' 

* storytelling

up next

the STRETCH weekend workshop, Oct 12 - 14, 2018

A retreat built for you to illuminate what thinking, moving and creating works best for you! Make art. Practice yoga. Reflect in writing. Walk in nature.

the STRETCH afternoon series,

a mini version in Brooklyn, NY

*coming soon

Stretching the STRETCH workshop into a mini series. Info coming soon!

"I can't thank you enough for facilitating yesterday.  Your energy and passion are amazing!  I think you opened many of our eyes and minds that there is an artist with us and also, adding another tool in our tool box."

                                          - Laura Crump, ATD

Lyons facilitating
practice listening
workshop participants
Helen thinking visually
homemade apple pie
NYC Ulab group fun!
STRETCH workshop painting
Dancer + Fuerza
porch time
Lyons facilitating
Linda practicing

"Amanda has assisted our students leaders on numerous occasions with the development of their leadership skills. She brings a unique and fresh take on how to challenge students to think about their leadership and connect their behaviors and actions to outcomes. Her ability to visualize and graphically represent how students think about leadership takes students out of their comfort zones to stretch their imaginations and problem solving abilities. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I appreciate the value she adds to our community."

- Laura Seplaki, Associate Director of the Center for the Development of Leadership Skills and Director of Leadership Development Program at Rider University



NYC, October 2015

There's nothing quite like picking up your favorite color and letting the day's thoughts dissipate as you color in a mandala, an idyllic scene, or a funky-looking monster - as an adult! It's incredible how this seemingly simple act can transform us to our calmer selves.


for better audience engagement

hosted by ATD in Philadelphia, 2013

What is visual thinking? Why does it matter? How do I incorporate it into my work? This interactive workshop introduces visual communication tools such as graphic recording, visual note-taking (or sketchnoting), and illuminates how to add visual elements to group activities. Visuals help clarify, engage and inspire your audience.

NYC Sketchnoters, monthly workshops

in NYC, 2013 - 2015

We will focus on the fundamental elements of sketchnoting, practice together, and mingle over snacks and drinks. It's always a great time!



at Rider University, NJ, 2017

In this workshop we will reflect upon what it means to be a culturally-minded leader and what a culturally-minded world looks like using collective drawing and other visual exercises. We'll talk it out and literally draw it out! 


in NYC, 2013

VISUALIZING YOUR DREAMS is a hands-on workshop built to give you drawing confidence to draw out your dreams! It’s time to set judgement aside and get to the heart of what matters - transforming our dreams from thoughts to reality. When we have courage to visualize and feel free to draw, we create space for the possibilities of our future to emerge. Let’s get together, reach for our markers and land in our dreams!


at Rider University, NJ, 2013

Through self reflection and visioning activities we'll unearth our future visions, draw them out and build plans to get there.

Curious about hosting a workshop? 


We are happy to rerun or customize any of these for your group or organization! 

Whoosh! Message sent. Thanks for getting in touch! We can't wait to chat about your workshop needs!

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theory mashup
draw it out past agenda
designing workshops
listening to our environment
communicating in our environment
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