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END of LIFE collection

illustrated story stones

for eliciting stories from individuals and groups everywhere!

STORY STONES just for you! In order to cater to different groups of people, we're creating different collections of story stones. First, we're launching our WOMEN ROCK! story stones collections 1 + 2. Check them out here:

Coming next will be a CHANGE collection, a NATURE collection, an END of LIFE collection and a COMPLEXITY collection. YAY!

What are story stones? Story stones are literally rocks with art on them, some kind of image or word. They showcase images which act as prompts inspiring your imagination to build a narrative - one from experience or completely made up.

How do you use story stones? You can simply, 'See what's there. Choose some stones. Tell a story based on the stones you chose.' That's one way to play. Honestly, you can't go wrong. There are many ways to play and many reasons to play - from fun storytelling with the whole family or telling wild stories at your bachelorette party to eliciting your company history or planning strategic change in your organization! Story stones are versatile. Use our suggestions and/or make up your own games. More on our story stone activities page!

Story stones illuminate our voices. They provide a vehicle for a story, inspire creativity, and awaken imagination.

photo by Amanda Lyons

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