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VISUALS for CHANGE helps organizations and individuals get to where they're going by seeing what seems invisible.  We use unconventional methods like bringing art AND the process of making art to business, spending time in nature and with animals in order to expand self awareness which aides in higher productivity and job satisfaction. 

Our methods work because they speak to our abilities as human beings.

At our cores we are complex human animals....

Amanda Lyons, MS

artist & facilitator


I'm Amanda! Great to meet you!

I'm an artist. I've always been an artist.

I am currently creating art (drawings, paintings, visual thinking tools and...) around themes of change, end of life, diversity, complexity, and horses. I love collaborations, in the art world and in the business world, as I do my best work in teams. It's an honor to be the artist in the room helping to bring different modalities for building strategy, designing action plans, or just to shake up a normal boring meeting into productive time that nurtures everyone in the room (even the skeptics).


In this capacity, sometimes my title is graphic facilitator. I've worked in many spaces, from small conference rooms to huge ballrooms to pavilions or fields outside (I love spending time outside!) for groups from 2 to over 1,000 people. 

My favorite engagements center around women's rights, social justice, olders, end of life, food, creativity, facilitation, education, and I want to do more of these. I am full of gratitude for the diversity of industries, organizations and individuals with whom I've gotten to work thus far. Even when my values are not completely aligned I am able to listen + see + learn. 


Yes, and... Philly, co-founder & organizer

IFVP (Int'l Forum of Pracitioners), member

NCDD (National Coalition of Dialogue & Deliberation), member

strategic partners

We bring in strategic partners based on the needs of your project, initiative or event. 


Other facts about me include: I have a masters degree in Organization Development and Strategic Human Resources and an undergraduate degree in Studio Art and English. I spent a semester in Firenze, Italia & still miss it. I worked for Outward Bound Philadelphia & Baltimore both in the office and in the field (and still do occasionally!). I can sometimes work for partial monetary exchange and partial value exchange. I love to travel. If you can't find me, I might be in the kitchen cooking, in the studio painting, in the park doing yoga or rocking the dance floor.

I'm an artist and I value my work and my time. It's backed up with years of experience, education and the guts to break the rules over and over again. Let's have so much fun making, creating and seeing this world in so many different ways! 


*Purdue University and U Mass Amherst

*DuPage County FORWARD Initiative

(retreat co-design & graphic facilitation)

*Gloria [Steinem] & Wilma [Mankiller] School for Organizers at Smith College

(graphic recording & participant)

*Reconstructionist Rabbinical College & Jewish Reconstructionist Communities

(hand-drawn animated whiteboard video & illustrations)

*Community Healthcare Network

(illustration & graphic recording)

*Foundation Center

(retreat co-design & graphic facilitation & illustration & whiteboard video) 

I would love to chat! Reach out:

professional development We RECOMMEND

I've participated in lots of amazing trainings and workshops over the years and I would highly recommend all listed here! 

Experiential Learning with Horses hosted by Spirit of Leadership, 

Ohio 2016 + 2017 + 2018

Whites Confronting Racism hosted by TRAINING for CHANGE, Philadelphia 2016

ULab hosted by The Presencing Institute & MITx with edX

online 2015

Liberating Structures Workshop hosted by Plexus Institute 

Washington DC 2014

Basic Mediation Training hosted by NY Peace Institute 

Brooklyn, NY 2012


embodying creativity through painting, drawing + more


liberating groups to listen + ask + create wholeheartedly

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