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the curious art of visual

communication + facilitation,

a 2 day training

Now 2 days!

fall/winter dates tbd

from 9am - 4.30pm

in NYC

All supplies included - even breakfast, lunch and snacks!


Hello, visual  

problem solving! 

Curiosity is a great place to start when you're looking to include visuals in your work! This training gives you space to play with your serious work. It allows you to see in ways that just might help your thinking explode out of its normal thinking box. It's okay to admit it. We all have our own default way of thinking and as scary as it can be when that thinking expands a bit, it can also be incredibly liberating. Imagine that!


Beginners and intermediates will practice elements of communication and design, graphic recording and visual facilitation in our experiential learning process. Whether you work in a corporate, non-profit, academic or community environment, you will find these skills applicable. No prior drawing experience necessary.

drawing at the wall
Kelly listening
Linda designing her strategy
Lyons facilitating
deep listening
reflection matters
DRAW it OUT cohort photo

Essentially, we're going to practice using visuals to solve problems and bring people together.


Something remarkable happens when we spend time learning hands-on with folks from other industries - when we cross-pollinate ideas and experiment with visual techniques to make them directly applicable to the big picture as well as how you do your part. You'll engage differently and the visual will help you see blind spots you may not usually see. Whether you spend much of your time in a corner office, a conference room, a classroom or on the streets organizing, you'll build and expand your own visual language in a way that fits your working style.

Here’s what you can expect to get from the training:

* Reflect upon your current communication strategies

* Create visual intentions for your work throughout the training and beyond

* Experience graphic recording and graphic facilitation in action, recognizing their differences

* Learn concrete drawing techniques to build your visual library

* Participate in visual exercises that you can later apply in your own way

* Practice listening & filtering conversations to pick out the content for recording

* Begin to practice graphic recording in real-time

* Reflection time to help process your learning

* Plan your individual visual project or strategy going forward

* Learn ways to use a variety of visual tools and techniques in facilitation 

* Receive feedback about your graphic recording/visual strategies 

* Learn logistical tips and tricks for setting up your space for graphic recording/using visual strategies

It can be incredibly liberating to allow yourself to be creative!

Maybe you're looking to capture the essence of a conversation in real-time. Or you want to use drawing to clarify complexities within a system. Or you are upset with words and want to have a new kind of love affair. Hello, my new drawn world! Whatever your reason, jump in!


Tier 1 – $850 early bird rate (sign up before Sept 1)

Tier 2 – $900 standard training rate

Tier 3 – $1000 includes training + private 1-hour consultation with Amanda Lyons (in person or online)

Tier 4 - $1,600 includes training for 2 (bring a friend or colleague for a $100 discount each off our standard rate)

Tier 5 - $450 Apply to volunteer to pay this rate. DRAW it OUT Alumni can attend just Day 2 for this rate.

Tier 6 - By Donation We want this type of work to be accessible to everyone regardless of what fits in your budget. Reach out to take advantage of this: amanda(at)

*all rates include breakfast, lunch & snacks

You will receive a confirmation email once you have secured your registration via the form and payment.​

"My biggest take away is how connected you can feel in the experience of listening and drawing at the same time. It's kind of magical. Even though you're very internal in the process of creation - getting to what you want to draw - you're deeply connected to [what you're hearing and feeling in the room]."

                                                                              - 2017 DRAW it OUT participant

About the trainer

Amanda Lyons is a graphic facilitator, experiential education professional and organization development consultant. As an experiential and visual thinker she facilitates engaging experiences in all types of business settings including conferences and retreats. Amanda’s professional credentials include a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from Johns Hopkins University’s Carey School of Business and a degree in Studio Art and English from Lafayette College.

Shout out to our hosts (this section coming soon as we finalize details)!

"It was great to discover that something that seemed so foreign to me was actually quite attainable with practice. I liked the four organization paradigms. Made me feel that with practice this could be a really powerful tool."

                                                                              - past DRAW it OUT participant

Wait, there's more?

You can also read reflections and see pictures from past Draw It Out workshops.

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