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how we work

We love to work under Creative Commons licensing whenever we can, particularly for our facilitation gigs. There are several different licenses within Creative Commons and you can learn more about them here. Our favorite is cc by sa, where people can use/share/download as long as they share it as is (sa), give credit (by), and sometimes nc, which allows only non-commercial use (i.e. to me this means not directly selling the artwork). 

Creative Commons

We try to use environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. This means no foam core. We use reusable backboards or taping paper straight to the walls whenever possible. 

We also use refillable markers and pens whenever possible. 

If you've found some amazing eco friendly art or facilitation materials, we'd love to hear about them! Reach out! 

We love to travel and do not charge for our travel time, which often includes a day before or after depending on the engagement. 

Free Travel Time
Eco Friendly-ish

Our strategy is to customize our process to fit the intended outcome of the project or event. We leave space for flexibility! 

We Introduce

We have found that people can appreciate our graphic facilitation when we get to introduce it, explain why it matters and how it fits. We often add a little drawn exercise to get people engaged right away!

We work with curiosity and gratitude. We don't consider ourselves experts, rather we are collaborators.

With Curiosity

We do things differently. We love to bring new experiences to people in order to create meaning and impact way beyond boring meetings! There's nothing like experimenting with movement, creating art together or challenging people to interact differently! It's a great way to create positive energy! AND have fun at work!

Often times clients ask us to provide transparent facilitation and actually teach the methods we use so that participants can learn to use them to make regular meetings more meaningful. As crazy as it sounds, we want you to explore with these practices. Use whatever suites your learning, teaching, and collaborating best! 

We Teach with Transparency
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