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draw it out, the curious art of visual communication and facilitation, Feb 2018

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Whoosh! There goes another workshop and did this crew know how to have fun with their learning. Fierce curiosity was front and center as the questions did not stop for 2 full days. I loved it. It's super exciting to get to share the process of how I do my work with people. Honestly, the process is where it's at!

A lot of people look at visual communication and think it's in the 'final mural' or see it as an end game toward a 'piece of art' whereas I see it as 'a mural in progress' or 'moments captured' - the meaning is in the progress of what happened before and as the listening drawing was being created, and what will happen afterwards as we share our listening drawings with others who will have their own experiences of them.

We literally draw together in this workshop. There's time for you to practice, that you really begin to get a foundation upon which to build.

Bring you - be yourself in this learning practice space. Find your comfort and find ways to break your own boxed in thinking. Heather, when asked to trace a part of her body in an intention exercise decided to trace her hair!

This workshop went so well that we've decided to offer another this Spring in Philadelphia, PA!

DRAW it OUT, the curious art of visual communication and facilitation

a 2 day workshop in Philadelphia, PA

May 21 + 22, 2018

Curious to see how the process of visual creation might help you dive deeper into your work?

*Early bird til April 1


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