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FACILITATION  is an          art.

our Facilitation services

Graphic Facilitation and...

There are a range of facilitation services we can offer. (What is graphic facilitation? Click here.) We do things differently. We use non-traditional methods such as visual thinking, storytelling, experiential education & team building, leadership strategies, human centered design, etc. Our processes uphold the idea that the journey towards your intended outcome matters just as much as the outcome itself. We have found that customizing the journey to acknowledge your group working culture, creating safe space that acknowledges our shared humanity, and inviting creativity builds momentum for energized action, even in seemingly traditional work cultures.


We can work on retainer to see a project from start to completion. We also can work event by event or meeting by meeting or party by party. For events we often work with a co-facilitator and assistant, putting in hours prior tending to the design of the experience with you, our client(s), and hours afterwards for follow up. The most effective experiences are those in which everyone in the room is able to embrace drawing and other creative methods as tools toward our intended outcome. This could look like big mural paper covering the walls (4ft tall x 4 to 6ish ft wide), markers may lay used on the tables, and smiles throughout the room appreciating the fun of our work and anticipating what's to come. See some examples of visual outcomes, and keep in mind the process which you can't see is incredibly important too!

Open Workshops / Trainings / Courses / Retreats (in house upon request)

Our workshops, trainings, courses and retreats are built for the professional, the teacher, community activist, and/or mom looking to build skills around graphic recording & leadership, learning to let go of our inner judge to use drawing as a tool as well as an art, and/or just have some fun being creative (and maybe even productive too)! Our graphic recording training generally happens twice per year. (Details for our next one here.) Our online courses such as Visual Communication Tools run when requested. We love partnering with other groups and organizations to provide custom workshops such as Coloring to Relieve Stress, Visualizing our Dreams or whatever topic we can dream up together to rally around. Perhaps there's space in the world for a creative, women of all ages, activist group workshop? a truly diverse group of people of all ages exploring curiosity? Reach out and let's dream one up together!

Hand Drawn Whiteboard Films

We work with you as co-creators to build a fun & energetic video that best represents what you want to tell the world. We bring you and your team into the creation process from the beginning by listening carefully to your ideas and building upon them with our own. Our process includes ideation, storyboarding, getting approvals, creating change orders, filming, editing, & revisions - including in person meetings as contracted. An ambitious schedule might be about 3.5 months, although timing is always subject to change and depends on feedback and approval timing as well as our schedules. We also do voiceover work. These films take a lot of time, energy and love for our small team and partners and are priced accordingly. Check out our latest videos here.

Workshops + Trainings 

What's next in Philly? July 11 to 12

What's next in NY? Oct 6 thru 9

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Facilitation Tools

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"I originally had doubts about the intellectual value of this. I was wrong. This was immersive, thorough, fun, and I'm so glad to have had this experience [with graphic facilitation]." -Emily Redman, UMass

quotes from clients & participants

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"Amanda's visual art and illustrations gave texture and power to our discussion. She helped translate complex conversations into digestible and easily sharable content" Jamia Wilson, #histcomm event

"The visuals helped crystallize key concepts. They also captured a lot of the humor, and that's nice." -anonymous

"By drawing commonalities and disagreements we could navigate and clear paths to move forward and to take action to achieve our vision and goals." Kathryn Brownell, Purdue University, #histcomm

"Adding the visual conversation took us to another level. Thank you!" -anonymous

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