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I've said YES to the open international free invitation to join a cohort of people with the #the100dayproject ( hosted by @elleluna. Originally, I found the invite 2 years ago via instagram, an invite to choose an action for 100 days, create my own hashtag and post what I made or did as 100 days went by. I jumped in, made it to day 50 toggling between #daysofdrawnconversations and #100daysofdrawinginamandasstudio. Forgive me for the picture quality. Here are a few from that run:

And this year, when I spied the invitation again (with an April 3rd start date) I decided to jump in again. I've been wanting to push the boundaries of my knowledge of complexity and what better way to do it than to draw it out?! My project will be #100daysofcomplexity. I'll post as many days as I choose and this year I'm really aiming for 100. We live such complex lives. How can I begin to translate complex moments and feelings and... into drawings? This is where I'm starting anyway....

In doing some research I realized the original idea for the 100 days project came from Michael Bierut in a graphic design class at Yale.

I really appreciate the collective of artists on social media with initiative invitations make great art as well as all the art you have to make on your way to great art AND feel alive while doing it! There are lots of projects like this one encouraging artists to introduce themselves and their work. Our thirst for connecting with each other and belonging in community is giving us the courage to leap, to take that vulnerable step of sharing our art and/or [feel free to insert any creative endeavor here] with the world! Join us or follow along via hashtags if you'ld like!


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