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in community with horses 

the curious art of listening for what's emerging

Saturday, April 21, 2018

from 10am - 3pm

in Apollo, PA (outside Pittsburgh)

By donation

Suggested donation $20 - 100

* a portion of your donation will go to animal care

Pause and listen. What do you hear? What are you listening to? What are you listening for? This is one of those questions I often ask (at workshops and of myself). The variety of answers are amazing and over time through reflection I have begun to recognize surrounding environmental factors that create patterns in my own listening. Come spend time listening in self reflection with us (and the horses of the Stable) to see what's emerging for you!

Self reflection can be incredibly liberating. Reflecting in a herd - deeply inspiring. This workshop will offer space for you to take care of yourself as you build skills around awareness, gratitude and the art of wandering. We'll provide prompts and activities both individually and in community. You'll have the opportunity to share your reflections or not - as you wish. It will be a day to acknowledge the depths possible in our human communication. When you add the element of horse language, you're sure to have a memorable experience.

Have you listened to yourself lately? Found something meaningful? We'd love to hear about it! 


No prior horse experience necessary. We won't be riding the horses, rather spending time with them in the paddock and on Stable grounds. 

amanda and emily
reflections drawn
reflecting in nature
a misty reflection walk
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Shout out to our hosts and the herd at Victory Stables!

HUGE THANKS to our hosts at Victory Stables - both the human herd and the horse herd! We're honored to partner with y'all! You do amazing work taking care of animals and hosting all kinds of learning in community. Thank you! Curious to know more? Visit their site via this link!


Amanda + Emily

*photos by Amanda Lyons

Meet your co-facilitators!

Amanda Lyons, MS

Lyons is an artist and facilitator hosting workshops, illustrating and drawing out as many reflections and visions as she can! With an MS in Organization Development, the eye of an artist and the capacity to make work fun in all its complexity, Lyons has been known to create meaningful experiences.

Emily Goodwin, LCSW

Goodwin is a social worker, writer, artist and equestrian bringing brilliant questions to help us process learning individually and collectively. Her capacity for managing many things at once while holding the bigger vision allows people to tend to the pieces they need to in order to be true to themselves. 

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