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"I originally had doubts about the intellectual value of this. I was wrong. This was immersive, thorough, fun, and I'm so glad to have had this experience [with graphic facilitation]." -Emily Redman, UMass

quotes from clients & participants

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"Amanda's visual art and illustrations gave texture and power to our discussion. She helped translate complex conversations into digestible and easily sharable content" Jamia Wilson, #histcomm event

"The visuals helped crystallize key concepts. They also captured a lot of the humor, and that's nice." -anonymous

"By drawing commonalities and disagreements we could navigate and clear paths to move forward and to take action to achieve our vision and goals." Kathryn Brownell, Purdue University, #histcomm

"Adding the visual conversation took us to another level. Thank you!" -anonymous

Whoa, my brain is full.
I learned and then some!
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