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a rough draft design project




leadership - community - purpose


We take on small and large projects for a cause within public health, education, social and human services. Ultimately it's about the needs that are present in the room.


Our project team brings together masters who work towards building organizational capacity and developing systems in the following ways: 


- optimize business models

- build organizational capacity

- develop sustainable programs. 
- strategic implementation planning,

- coalition building,

- sales and marketing,

- fundraising,

- program development,

- grant writing,

- board development,

- event planning and meeting facilitation,

- strategic partnership development,

- business management,

- training,

- budgeting,

- problem solving, and team building.

Whether it's to improve the health and well being of children, youth and families or to bring compassion into your everyday life, we've got your back.

In order to create the highest good for all, I gather together the right people in order to facilitate conversations and find insights among the chaos of the complex systems in which we live and work.

Steps: connecting, listening, driving, expanding, communicating, solving--(intellectual, emotional, tactile)

  • Identify initial stakeholders around a specific issue,  problem area needing resolution or emerging issue

  • Conduct Discovery Process: Assess information and explore processes.  Verify assumptions using common sense, experience, skills and knowledge. Listen, ask and identify additional partners/stakeholders as needed.

  • Put the right people in the room (build partnerships/identify win-win) for extended and facilitated conversations—Conversations Matter

  • Identify action areas and steps to resolve. Focus on what is thriving/working

  • Develop tools to engage and resolve including linkages, plans, communication tools, etc...

  • Revise, revisit, repeat


Blue Heron Exchange is all about connecting people, places and ... [just one line here that captures the essence - I feel like we've already written this somewhere, I have to find it]


leadership - community - purpose

[Write out the process of HOW you work - the steps - I feel like we've done this before too... need to find my notes on it... or do you have them? ]


Ann Marchetti




 [list of partners - people you often call upon to partner with you]

Amanda Lyons, ... 

Joe Shmo....

Partial Client List

[list of clients you've worked with]

Community Networking Weavers...

What are people saying? 

6/2018: Christine Gilbertson, School Nurse, District XX “I have truly enjoyed my time with Forward. The energy, experience and dedication of all the members have contributed to its success, and I have been proud to be a part of its evolution. Ann, you are a phenomenal leader always thinking in progressive ways to move us ahead. Forward is fortunate to have you at the helm.  Thank you for your inspiration!”


9/2017: Jane Macdonald, Director of Community Health, Loaves and Fishes Community Services “I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. I want to thank you for all your support and guidance for this symposium.  You gave me such confidence in moving forward, and gave Loaves & Fishes a moment to be proud of.  I was again thrilled to see the enthusiasm and energy of so many in DuPage to build this opportunity in our community.  We have a big job ahead to keep up with them! “


10/2009: Jim Spurlino, Owner and President, Spurlino Materials  “Just a quick note - I enjoyed my time on the HIPPY Board with you as Chairwoman.  It's generally a thankless job, especially when you don't have an ED.  I truly appreciate the many many hours you put in during that time and also the thoughtful and organized way you ran the Board and its meetings.  Your knowledge, experience, and drive were awesome!  Job EXCEPTIONALLY well done!”


9/2004:  Vicki C. Grant, PhD, MSW Vice President, Process Improvement Director, Process Improvement Center RE: USDA Grant kick off meeting “  I was extremely impressed with Ann's performance.  Let me remind you of the context. We were entering a gathering with a lot of tension present and the need to bring folks together and show that SICF was credible.  Ann had with her Nancy who she had not seen perform in this type of setting, Stephanie who was brand new and Ann doesn't know her, and Laurel was sick and not present.  I would have felt anxiety about my own team had I been in Ann's shoes.


“There were four groups of people present: county DSS represented by Charleston, Beaufort and Richland counties, State DSS, faith-based, and SICF.  She was able to weave their interests together so that there was explicit acknowledgement of wanting to work together while respecting each groups unique responsibility.  She talked explicitly about decision making and the role of each group in decisions.  She also used an example of a decision she had made with Brother Dallas and why it was not right for the two of them to make a decision and that in the future decisions would be made by all partners.  It was a highly effective way of bringing home the point that this project is a partnership and you could see the group's resistance begin the transition to investment.  Ann was very articulate, on top of the purpose of the grant and that meeting in particular, and poised.  There was no doubting her leadership ability by the end of the meeting.”

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