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These stones are an interesting and engaging way to create conversation, build teams, help groups create shared history, and explore change . 


There are over 20 small stones, each with a VISUALS for CHANGE drawn image to act as inspiration for individual or group storytellers. You can create meaning in different ways. One way, could be to ask a group to build and create a story collectively that shares why they love working for their organization. Another way could be to create smalls teams of 5 in an organization going through some change and ask groups to collectively build a story that represents the change the company (or one particular person) is going through. 

*please don't mind our page as it's currently under construction...

Curious about my first story stones experience? Read it. 

While using story stones to stretch imagination and build a story together, I found myself dreaming up ways to build my own versions with visuals that would help groups talk about change, women's issues, and self reflection! Here they are!

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