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This collection includes over 20 small stones, each with a VISUALS for CHANGE drawn image to act as inspiration for individual or group storytellers. Each stone collection is slightly different due to the nature of rock sizes and colors - so yours will look slightly different from those photographed here. They come in a bag with some written activity ideas. Feel free to reach out for ideas if you  have a specific need or with any questions you have!  


You can create meaning in different ways. We will include a few ideas for you, and feel free to create your own way to use the WOMEN ROCK story stones! 

WOMEN ROCK story stones collection 2

  • As for our Return Policy, we want you to be happy. We're also a small business and need to make smart business decisions. Let's figure it out together. We'll do what we can, when we can. Returns will certainly be accepted if damaged in shipping or within a month of purchase - or we may be able to send you a fixed part, anytime. Let's work it out together - we love hearing from you and appreciate your feedback on how our products are working for you! Reach out via the contact page on our website and please include 'RETURN INQUIRY' in the subject. 

Currently available to patreon patrons. 

Goes public July 24 if still available.

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