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These stones are an awesome way to create conversation, build teams, help groups create shared history, or better understand change their organization is going through. 


There are over 20 small stones, each with a VISUALS for CHANGE drawn image to act as inspiration for individual or group storytellers. We called them metaphor stones, since you can create meaning in different ways. One way, could be to ask a group to build and create a story collectively that shares why they love working for their organization. Another way could be to create smalls teams of 5 in an organization going through some change and ask groups to collectively build a story that represents the change the company (or one particular person) is going through. 


They do come with ideas for how you might use them! However, we're sure there are many ways you can use these metaphor stones that we haven't even thought of and we'd love to hear how you use them! Let us know! 

metaphor stones

    Currently available to patreon patrons. 

    Goes public July 24 if still available.

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