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  • This 2 night stay includes arrival Friday, Oct 12, 2018 in the late afternoon/early evening, stay Saturday and Sunday, until departure on Oct 14, 2018 after 5pm.


    We are able to host up to 5 people at the old farmhouse, some in private rooms and some in shared rooms. You may get a shared room. Do note that there is one large bathroom in the house for all to share. There are two indoor cats in the house at all times. Please plan accordingly if you have allergies as we will also be doing some activities in the house throughout the weekend. Farmhouse stay is first come, first serve.


    There is also space to set up tents.


    For those interested in other accommodations, there are nearby Airbnb options or hotels depending on your preferences. Reach out if you have any questions! Airbnb + high end hotels nearby are around $75-$159 per night....

    FARMHOUSE STAY for stretch workshop, 2 nights

    • Although this cart is set up like a digital file, there's no need to bring the file or print it out - just a drawing for you to have as a thank you for staying with us at the farmhouse! Woohoo! It's going to rock!

    Currently available to patreon patrons. 

    Goes public July 24 if still available.

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