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THANKS so much for donating to the workshop at the $49 mid level. We really appreciate your help to make programs like these happen.


A portion of your donation will go to the Stables to help take care of the animals. It will also help cover logistcal costs of the workshop such as lunch and admin.


In our world, donations = love! 


Experiential Listening with horses, PA

  • At this time we are not able to offer donation refunds. We really appreciate your support as do the horses. Money = love. THANKS!

  • Although this cart is set up like a digital file, there's no need to bring the file or print it out - just a drawing for you to have as a thank you for signing up for the Experiential Listening workshop! Woohoo - we're going to have a great time!

Currently available to patreon patrons. 

Goes public July 24 if still available.

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