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  • "an elephant on her way"

    10" x 10"

    acrylic painting


    This painting is on the edge of abstract with an elephant on the move so to speak. It's also the first painting I'm putting up for sale which feels fitting that it be 'an end' as well as have some movement and some unknown within it! For me it represents how we can walk strongly into the unknown parts of our life and know that we're going to be okay at our core. Strength. Trust. Movement. This piece has a way of reminding me that movement is good, even if it's not forward.... That's what I learned from this piece... what do you sense? 



    an elephant on her way - acrylic painting

    • $125 + taxes + shipping costs to US only (hope to expand soon!)

      PAYMENT can be via: 

      credit card on the website here or venmo or by check in the mail

      (* please understand that there may be a bit of extra time needed as my team figures out shipping in the best way possible)

    • Our refund + return policy is to split the losses with you as much as possible.  If your piece hasn't shipped yet and we're able to do a full refund, maybe minus some small fees, we'll do that.

      If your piece has already shipped, most times that will be a 50% refund.  Basically, let's have a conversation about what happened and why and come to an agreed upon situation.  We might be able to send you a different painting or piece of art.... Will depend on your specific situation.  REACH OUT! 

    Currently available to patreon patrons. 

    Goes public July 24 if still available.

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