Friday through Sunday

at a Hudson Valley farmhouse in Wallkill, NY


Please reach out if you have any questions. We will be in touch as we get closer to the workshop with a little pre-reading, videos, + links for you to peruse prior to the workshop!  


Accommodations are an additional rate. Don't forget to add your stay to your cart as well if you're planning to stay at the farmhouse or bring your own tent to claim a camping spot! 


Thanks for registering for our workshop! 




Amanda + Heather


Here's the BIG PICTURE of what we'll do throughout the 3 days:

experiment + practice with art supplies to make your own meaningful art

+ practice yoga

+ self reflect with writing and drawing prompts 

+ share + listen to thoughts and stories within the group

+ spend time in nature (take small nature walks, sit on the porch, practice yoga outside)

+ engage with horses by watching them to learn about communication and your own awareness

+ acknowledge context and complexity within your own art + writing + conversations

+ nourish your bodies with amazing homemade food + conversation during shared meals

+ spend time on yourself to get grounded + identify actions for you

= the ecosystem of you uniquely thriving as your best-ever, growing you!

stretch workshop EARLY BIRD TUITION

  • Although this cart is set up like a digital file, there's no need to bring the file or print it out - just a drawing for you to have as a thank you for signing up for our STRETCH your body, your mind, your creativity WORKSHOP!

Currently available to patreon patrons. 

Goes public July 24 if still available.

© 2020 by Amanda Lyons

drawings + photos by Amanda Lyons

(unless stated otherwise)

ask permission to use!

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