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I'm super excited to be part of the Plexus Institute community as a Board Member and Catalyst! There are so many amazing projects going on in this community. If you don't know Plexus Institute, I suggest you jump in by perusing the website or attending a Pop-up talk (a lightly facilitated informal online zoom conversation). Plexus is a network full of people and projects who apply complexity thinking in many ways who are part of the network to learn about complexity (think members) through volunteering and other learning initiatives or build complexity-based change initiatives (think consultants and clients). Wait, complexity thinking? (There's a whole written Primer - a great place to start!)

#plexusdrawn is a new initiative led by Barb Seigel ( and I. We'll be blogging for Plexus and exploring how to visualize complexity?! It's going to be an awesome adventure! Here's our first post, saying hello to the Plexus community:

Hello there! It’s Barb and Amanda. Great to be here. We’re excited to be blogging together with Plexus as we’ve both been a big part of the revitalized Plexus Network. The connections we’ve made at Plexus events and through the Plexus network have been incredible on so many levels. Forget simply being colleagues, we’ve become great friends with many folks through the network and find the high level of work that this crew does (applying complexity science to our world) awe-inspiring.

Our guess is that if you know how complexity changes the conversation, you therefore know what it’s like to feel like the odd man out as you spend time listening to the group you’re working with continue to focus on more traditional approaches and thinking. AND if you don’t feel comfortable with “complexity thinking”, you may have a lot of questions. Our hope is to tell Plexus’ awe-inspiring (and sometimes downright gritty) stories of complexity using visuals and simple language in a way that people can grasp; to inspire deep listening, thinking and feeling around complexity work; to become better at who we are as we learn with the Plexus community; and to have a blast while doing it!

As Barb and I continue to share how we, as visual practitioners, artists, facilitators, and humans think, feel and draw out complexity, we’d love to hear your reactions and stories too! We’ll be creating ways to open the conversation and practice. Watch our first Pop-Up Conversation, Seeing, Diagramming and Drawing Systems to see how you would like to be part of this emerging work. 

We’ll do a more in depth post on who we are. For now, a friendly wave hello. WELCOME to our #plexusdrawn conversation!


Amanda Lyons 

in conversation with Barb Siegel


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