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momma's got stories


a community of women
owning our labor + birth + 4th trimester trauma
as though we are sitting around in my living room
laughing, crying and feeling the gamut TOGETHER

storytelling, storylistening. making art. moving our bodies.

WHAT?  a group that meets weekly online
                         * we'll decide day + time together

COST?    by donation ($0 is okay too!) or support my work via patreon

* painting by amanda lyons


Good morning! Amanda here. I'm a new mom, artist, facilitator + yoga instructor. Great to meet you!

the WHY story
I had quite the labor and birth and fourth trimester experience. My experience was (and is still in many ways) a lot of things... Raw. Real. Traumatic with a few lovely moments. Wild. Hard. Icky. Rough. Beautiful. Unexpected. And then some. I've learned a lot from it and I've got a long way to go.

There's a lot of healing yet to come for me. I keep saying, I'm almost human again. Everything feels different.

I'm super clear on what I need right now:
ART, i.e. drawing and painting to let things settle, to express outward, to see anew.
MOVING my body to reopen my awareness, to find my ground.
Being in COMMUNITY to connect, to belong.
To drink lots of WATER.
To begin when I'm ready to STRETCH into who I am now.

This group emerged as an idea in my head and heart when I went searching for a traumatic labor ( or some similar ) support group that would help me hold the space for processing my birth + post labor experience. The few that I did find out there weren't offering groups at the moment. I'm someone who needs to be witnessed by several people at once and wants to hear several people's true raw stories. Maybe you need this too?

Since I didn't find a group that fit me and I don't want to wait to find one, I thought I'd offer one as a human, as a mom, as the person that I am, trained as an artist and facilitator and yoga instructor. I'm not a trained therapist and this will not be therapy.... I'm human and have experienced all sorts of things.

I'd love to invite you into my living room (which right now will be a metaphor as we will meet virtually) for weekly gatherings so we can journey through together. Each of us with the option to share or not.

No prior art or yoga experience necessary! Just making marks can be really cathartic whether we do this often or haven't touched a marker since fifth grade. Just taking a deep breath can change how we see, literally.

I find one of the best ways healing naturally occurs for me is when I'm in a trusted friend's living room ( or kitchen! ) with food and stories aplenty. There might be tears or laughter. There are most likely emotions of all kinds. But it's in that cozy space of a nice couch blanket, good pillows and a bunch of really trusted friends that we're - that I am - able to open up and share stories, difficult ones. To be heard, to be witnessed in that space is an honor. To be a vital part of these types of spaces is what brings meaning to my life and dare I say our lives, helping us get through, seeing ourselves as we are.

The space matters. It effects how we show up. How we feel in a space and how we go about being and holding ourselves in that space becomes part of the space.

the WHAT
I invite you to show up to my metaphorical living room fully as yourself, however you are at the moment. It's okay if you're not okay. This is the space to talk about that, to release thoughts and hold on to others, to process through it all. I'll ask that we honor and own our own stuff. This is not a group of advice giving. It's not to be a group of fixing each other. It's mainly a group of listening and holding each other dear. My guess is that in the process of being together, of sharing, making art and moving our bodies, healing will happen. This looks and feels different for everyone. We'll respect our differences.

the HOW
Fill out the form below or send me a text or email expressing your interest. Once I've got 3 to 5 momma's interested, we'll start with email or phone or text to set up our day and time. Our gatherings for now will be online via zoom or some other platform. Details will come once you decide you're interested and we're set up.

Ideally we'll start next week or the week after! 


THIS IS WHAT I NEED! HOW ABOUT YOU?I'm siked for this! Want in?



Whether you want to join right away

or have Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Reach out!


This is us! 

Can't wait to see you! 



Amanda, mom to Catalina

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