the 2013 James Beard Foundation conference, drawn

Although I often emphasize the ‘drawing’ and visual side of what happens in my work, I have a deep appreciation for that which gets me thinking on a deeper level in a way that makes me squirm with un-comfort, often reshaping and shifting my ‘grounded’ paradigms…

“We need inspiration, not just education.” This was my biggest take-away from this year’s James Beard Foundation conference: The Paradox of Appetite: Hungering for Change. I had the opportunity to do some Graphic Recording at the conference and WOW – what an experience. There’s nothing quite like getting to work in this kind of space. People were asking hard questions about the root of issues in our food system rather than just skirting the surface. There was talk of change and challenge for deeper thinking & action.

I’m excited to share as most of the conference was captured and shared via Live Stream. Archives are available for watching, including some of the live drawing – woohoo! It’s two days of inspiring conversation around our appetites. This group had the courage to jump into some of the hard questions and create the inspiration for action. Check out the portion I graphically recorded here (link below to the rest of the conference):

INTRODUCTION to WORLD CAFE (Joseph introduces World Cafe around the 2 minute mark and I introduce myself & what I’m doing around the 5 minute mark… there is lots of movement and milling, with a touch of me drawing in the background. Feel free to skip to the second video for more live graphic recording.)

CAFE APPETITE Part 1 “How Will We Satisfy Our Hunger for Change?”

CAFE APPETITE Part 2 “What Can We Do To Move Forward & What Do You Need?”

FINAL IMAGE (click to enlarge)

HUGE thanks to the James Beard Foundation for hosting the conversation, to Joseph McIntyre, Process Artist of Ag Innovations, for his facilitation, to Live Stream for their amazing work, to Kristin Madden & her team at Bowen & Company for their amazing event planning work and to Kent and team from Kent Miller Studios for gorgeous photography. Y’all rock!


Conference Specific Links

James Beard Foundation conference videos - (go to the bottom for the beginning)

An article in Edible -

General good to know…

James Beard Foundation - (These guys do so many amazing events! Check them out!)

Ag Innovations - (Wow, amazing facilitation supported by great thought & action.)

Bowen & Company - (If you need your event to go off beautifully, these guys are experts!)

Kent Miller Studios - (For photography that captures the moment beautifully and honestly!)

Live Stream -


*NOTE: Recommendations are my own, no one asked me to…

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