The Community Mural at Educon 2.5


I was glad to spend my weekend among so many great learners this weekend at the annual EduCon (#educon). For those who aren’t familiar with the weekend conference it’s all about the conversations. Great ideas, designs and projects were shared (and born), as we bounced ideas off the walls of a Philadelphia school called Science Leadership Academy. I have somewhere around 25-30 pages of visual notes, which I will share in the next few days. For now, I wanted to share our community mural and the little video we created to introduce it to the world. Huge shout out to George Mayo (@cutonaction) & Harry Costner (@remixeducon) for the encouragement, and for the amazing editing power. Also their RemixEducon idea and workshop completely rocks!


EduCon 2.5 Community Mural



  Sharing ideas and conversation is where it’s at.


 It’s about building relationships!


 Making videos is empowerment!


When will drawing be seen as a skill as important as writing?

(Ok, full disclosure – this one was by me!)


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