Conversations MAKE ME DRAW: 1) Ohours & 2) Healthcare & Social Media

Conversations MAKE ME THINK DRAW!

Lately I’ve been having conversation upon conversation (some with clear purpose and some without) and loving it. Dialogue stimulates my creativity and inspires me to be better – and to DRAW!


I was fortunate to meet Paul Roales for Ohours about a week ago. Our conversation was rich as we come from very different backgrounds. As we sat down in a tea shop in New York City, Paul asked me what this ‘visual stuff’ was all about, telling me that he didn’t get it. We talked about art, business, and as I came to the beginning of defining the ‘visual field’ as I call it, we even focused on the history of art in business. This goes back to the cavemen drawing on walls, but through periods of time where kings rule had much to do with the art that was created. We talked for a full hour instead of the intended half hour and each walked away with more knowledge than before. Check out my sketchnotes!

visuals about art, the visual field, etc

Pieces of a conversation with Paul Roales

CONVERSATION 2) Healthcare & Social Media

Healthcare is in the midst of HUGE transition as many different health care providers do their best to give the best care possible, often using antiquated processes and systems. I know this not only as a patient from time to time, but I also have the fortunes of listening to my father’s point of view. Joe Lyons (my father) has worked in Healthcare for as long as I can remember. Although he isn’t a doctor, he has spent many an early morning meeting with doctors, understanding their culture, and helping doctors and others understand the bigger system that is a primary care practice, a hospital and so on. His perspective is unique as his experiences have led him to see change through the lens of Organization Development and to embrace the likes of Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, and other models/theories.  Joe Lyons has a deep appreciation for what it means to change a culture – more specifically, the culture of today’s healthcare. A fascinating topic that I won’t do justice today. Rather, I wanted to share a conversation I had about Healthcare and Social Media. How can the two support each other, and how are they already supporting each other? This is just the beginning of a rich conversation. Sketchnotes below!

How can we use social media in healthcare for the greater good?

I’m always looking for topics that stretch my visual thinking! Connect with me and we’ll have a conversation – twitter: @amanda_lyons !

Coming soon – Open Video Conference sketchnotes!


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